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A USER is understood as any and everyone who accesses to or, hereinafter the PORTAL and any of its subdomains, as well as accesses and / or use of the pages or contents of the same, accepting from the first moment, fully and without any reservations, these terms and conditions of use of the PORTAL.

CUSTOMERS are understood as those USERS who have a direct commercial relationship with ENVASES CUI and as a condition of being a USER , it is understood that the same terms and conditions of use of the PORTAL apply to them . Additionally, they may have special conditions to use added services, defined in this document.

The Content of the PORTAL and all its components are offered for informational purposes only. ENVASES CUI is not responsible of the accuracy, usefulness, error, omission or availability of any information that is transmitted or displayed through the PORTAL.

Any content of the PORTAL is liable to be deleted, modified or added, without prior notice, by ENVASES CUI, at any time and unilaterallyl.

ENVASES CUI does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the availability of access to the content of the PORTAL because it is a service offered by a third party outside of ENVASES CUI.

The USER accepts under his exclusive responsibility for the use he makes of the PORTAL, being expressly exonerated, ENVASES CUI of the possible damages and / or losses that could cause the USER or third parties for a use contrary to what is established in these Conditions, a negligent, fraudulent, illicit, criminal use and / or any use contrary to what is generally accepted as good social ethics.

All the content of the PORTAL, as well as the brands, commercial names, distinctive signs of any kind or components, including possible fragments of source code, as well as the images or photographs, that may be part of or appear on the PORTAL. They are the intellectual property of ENVASES CUI or third parties. Therefore, it is not implied that access and / or use of all the content of the PORTAL is attributed or that the USER is assigned any right over the content, trademarks, trade names, distinctive signs present or different components of the PORTAL or the exploitation that exists or may exist on said contents beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct operation and use of the PORTAL, its contents and services.

All the content of the PORTAL that is susceptible of consideration of work under the regulations of Intellectual or Industrial Property attributable to ENVASES CUI, belongs solely and exclusively to ENVASES CUI, being the owner of all Intellectual Property rights and therefore, corresponds to ENVASES CUI the exclusive exercise of all the rights derived from the ownership of said contents and the PORTAL, and consequently, grant any authorization for the exercise of any activity derived from exploitation rights, and in particular, the right of reproduction, the right of public communication, the right of distribution, the right of making it available to the public or the right of transformation, in any format or medium used. As well as those contents that are attributable to third parties, these being the owners and therefore the owner of all Intellectual Property rights and corresponding to these, the exclusive exercise of all rights derived from the ownership of said contents. Noting that ENVASES CUI has the authorizations for its use on the PORTAL.

The brands, products, models, references and / or images or photographs in which brands, products, models and references included in the PORTAL may appear are subject to the applicable legislation on Industrial Property, their reproduction or use without authorization from ENVASES CUI.

In the event that you consider that there has been a violation of your legitimate rights due to the introduction of certain content on the PORTAL, you must notify ENVASES CUI of said circumstance indicating:

      • Your personal information. If the claim is presented by a third party other than the interested party, they must indicate the representation with which they act.
      • Indication of the Contents protected by industrial or intellectual property rights and their location on the PORTAL (facilitating the location using the URL).
      • Accreditation of the aforementioned industrial or intellectual property rights.
      • Express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the veracity of the information provided in the notification.

Envases Cui allows the temporary use of the content of the PORTAL to the USERS, for their exclusively private use and temporary storage on their computers or computer devices for the sole purpose and strictly necessary for the proper functioning and use of the PORTAL, its editing, distribution being prohibited and/or reproduction in any medium and format, whether digital or physical to third parties.

If you want to make or make a link from a web page, application (web and/or mobile), program, device or any other Internet medium to any of the pages of the PORTAL, you must submit to the following conditions:

      • You can only link to the main page or pages of the possible sections of the PORTAL.
      • Do not reproduce, neither totally nor partially, any of the Services or Contents.
      • Do not establish “deep-links”, links to images, links to documents or links in frames with any page or content of the PORTAL without the express prior authorization of ENVASES CUI.
      • Do not include false, inaccurate or incorrect statements on the PORTAL, products or staff of ENVASES CUI.
      • Not to include any brand, denomination, logo, slogan or any other distinctive sign or symbol of ENVASES CUI, without the express prior authorization of ENVASES CUI.
      • The environment or medium where the link is to be or is part of, cannot contain information or content that is contrary to the rights of third parties, illegal, contrary to morals and good customs or public order.

In any case, we inform that the presence of a link in any medium or environment does not imply the existence of a relationship between ENVASES CUI and the owner of the medium or environment where the link appears, nor does it imply that ENVASES CUI has knowledge, acceptance or endorsement by ENVASES CUI of the services and contents offered in said medium or environment or that ENVASES CUI supports or endorses the information and statements that a third party may make.

This additional service of the PORTAL is enabled for the exclusive use of CUSTOMERS of ENVASES CUI. Therefore, any access or attempt to do so to the areas reserved for CUSTOMERS and as well as all its content and resources to those USERS who are not CUSTOMERS is prohibited.

It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMERS to make good use of this additional service. ENVASES CUI is not liable for any type of damages that may arise from misuse of this service by CUSTOMERS.

  • Translations
    The original language of the PORTAL is Spanish Castilian.

Therefore, all the translations present in the PORTAL are made from the content in original language (Spanish).

ENVASES CUI is not responsible for the translations on the PORTAL. Therefore, the content and meanings of Spanish Castilian prevail, in the event of any conflict or ambiguity of understanding in any other language or translation or the lack of it present in the PORTAL.

Additionally, the same translations and languages present in the PORTAL are merely informative, and may be modified without prior notice by ENVASES CUI, at any time and unilaterally. Likewise, ENVASES CUI is not responsible for the accuracy of the translations present in the PORTAL.

The applicable legislation and jurisdiction for any litigation or conflict arising from these conditions or from the use of the PORTAL, its contents or its services, or that is related to them, without the provisions on conflicts having effect of laws that may be applicable will be the one applied and in force in Spain. Both the USER and ENVASES CUI agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the USER’s domicile, provided they are in Spain, to resolve claims arising from these Conditions. However, if the USER’s domicile is not located in Spain, both the USER and ENVASES CUI agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.