We assure the food safety of our packaging

Envases Cui cares about the food safety of all the packaging.
Therefore, Envases Cui is certified in one of the strictest quality standards on the market: BRC Packaging.
This standard increases food safety and legal compliance of all the products, implementing additional controls:

Infrastructure and measurement equipment control:

Preventive and corrective measures are made, for the safety of the facilities.

Production and end product control:

Traceability assurance and technical specifications compliance with the constant supervision of the technical and quality staff.


Legal documents:

Keeping a constant supervision of legal compliance, updating the declaration of compliance, performing overall and specific migration testing, in order to guarantee food safety and the reusability of all the products according to the current regulations.


Cleaning and disinfection schedule and pest control system:

Specific schedules and procedures are defined for each area. Chemicals approved list with specifically trained staff to use them. The pest control system is outsourced to a high qualified and homologated company with continue supervision and monitoring.

Microbiological control of surface, environment and water:

Microbiological vigilance and monitoring of environment, surface, product and staff. Performance of water control testing in order to verify the suitability of human consumption.


Process control:

The systematization of each process of the work method allows to set up key indicators and monitoring them in order to guarantee the quality in the whole system.

Waste Management:

There is a waste procedure in order to segregate hazardous and non-hazardous waste, recyclable and irrecoverable waste.


It has a critical point analysis and control system that guarantees food safety in any part of the pre-production, production and post-production process.


There are high efficient hybrid injection production lines.

Download the BRC Packaging certificate here